CHART A (10 Commandments unchanged throughout the Bible)
CHART B (1260 years of Papal Supremacy)
CHART C (The 3 Phases of Judgment)
CHART D (Christ Earthly to Priestly Ministry)
CHART E (Christian Apostasy and Reformation)
CHART F {Daniel Chapter 8}
CHART G (Diet in the Bible)
CHART H (Identifying marks of Remnant Church)
CHART I (Prophecy of Daniel 9 predicting Christ coming as the Messiah)
CHART J (The Role of The Holy Spirit)
CHART K (State of The Dead)
CHART L (The 2 Resurrections)
CHART M (The Apostolic faith of Early Church Restored)
CHART N (The Feasts of The Sanctuary Service and Their meaning)
CHART O (The Gospel lost and Restored (part 2)
CHART P (The Little Horn Identified)
CHART Q (The Little Horn attempting its changes to God’s Law (Dan 7)
CHART R (The Object of Christ Priestly Ministry)
CHART S (The Seal of God)
CHART T (The Trinity)
CHART U (The Date for The Judgment)
CHART V (The Falling away of Pergamos  (Rev.2)


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