1. Prof. W.Veith – The Bible How True It Is

Specified Apwin/Admin docs for Bible-Study Tools [below]

1. Compilation Pamphlet on Bible-Study Aids [Part 1]

2. Compilation Pamphlet on Bible-Study Aids [Part 2]

3. Why Trust The Bible? – R. Publishing

Studying The Bible 

1. How To Study The Bible – by R.Publishing

2. 5 Steps to effective Bible Study [Chart] – Dr. Christopher Thompson

3. How To Deepen The Devotional Life – by (admin)

4. How To Know God’s Will – by Dr. John Nixon Snr

5. Answers to Difficult Bible Text – by J.Crews

6. Let’s Study The Bible – by Rose E. Boose

7. The Marked Bible

8. Bible Translations

9. Receiving the Word – by Samuel Pipim

10. Heroes of the Bible Noah and Abraham

11.Mormonism vs. Christianity

12. Biblical Studies – ‘The Bible Versions Debate’

13. The Reformation – [Chart] by R.Publishing

14. Reading Through The Bible in One Year – by R.Publishing 

15. Smith’s Bible Dictionary 

16. S.O.A.P – Simple Devotional Bible Study Method and Example 

17. Pastor Henry Wright’s Comments on Sermon Preparation

18. Studying The Scripture For Oneself – by E.W

19. The Names of God – R.Publishing

20. The Twelve Disciples – R.Publishing

21. The Fruit of The Spirit – R.Publishing

22. H.M.S Richards Bible Study Helps

23. The Amplified Bible

24. The Book of Genesis Map/Charts – R.Publishing

25. How To Give A Bible Study – by Kurt Johnson

26. Why So Many Bible Translations? – Dr. Dale A. Robbins

27. The Old Testament Apocrypha and The New Testament Canon

28. Formation of The Old and New Testament Canon

29. Manuscript Support for The Bible’s Reliability – by Ron Rhodes

30. Basic Issues in Defense of The Authority of The Gospels

31. 4 Principles for In-Depth Bible Study

32. Studying Together – Bible Reference Guide

33. Key Times in The History of The Formation of The Bible – R.Publishing

34. Bible Versions Compared – R.Publishing


36. Study Notes – Christian Apologetics 

37. Value And Understanding of Using Various Bible Versions

38. Learning Biblical Hebrew from Hebrew Primer 3rd Edition



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