1. Prof. W.Veith – The Bible How True It Is

Specified Apwin/Admin docs for Bible-Study Tools [below]

1. Compilation Pamphlet on Bible-Study Aids [Part 1]

2. Compilation Pamphlet on Bible-Study Aids [Part 2]

3. Why Trust The Bible? – R. Publishing

Studying The Bible 

1. How To Study The Bible – by R.Publishing

2. 5 Steps to effective Bible Study [Chart] – Dr. Christopher Thompson

3. How To Deepen The Devotional Life – by (admin)

4. How To Know God’s Will – by Dr. John Nixon Snr

5. Answers to Difficult Bible Text – by J.Crews

6. Let’s Study The Bible – by Rose E. Boose

7. The Marked Bible

8. Bible Translations

9. Receiving the Word – by Samuel Pipim

10. Heroes of the Bible Noah and Abraham

11.Mormonism vs. Christianity

12. Biblical Studies – ‘The Bible Versions Debate’

13. The Reformation – [Chart] by R.Publishing

14. Reading Through The Bible in One Year – by R.Publishing 

15. Smith’s Bible Dictionary 

16. S.O.A.P – Simple Devotional Bible Study Method and Example 

17. Pastor Henry Wright’s Comments on Sermon Preparation

18. The Names of God – R.Publishing

19. The Twelve Disciples – R.Publishing

20. The Fruit of The Spirit – R.Publishing

21. H.M.S Richards Bible Study Helps

22. The Amplified Bible

23. The Book of Genesis Map/Charts – R.Publishing

24. Why So Many Bible Translations? – Dr. Dale A. Robbins

25. The Old Testament Apocrypha and The New Testament Canon

26. Formation of The Old and New Testament Canon

27. Manuscript Support for The Bible’s Reliability – by Ron Rhodes

28. Basic Issues in Defense of The Authority of The Gospels

29. 4 Principles for In-Depth Bible Study

30. Key Times in The History of The Formation of The Bible – R.Publishing

31. Bible Versions Compared – R.Publishing


33. Study Notes – Christian Apologetics 

34. Value And Understanding of Using Various Bible Versions

35. Learning Biblical Hebrew from Hebrew Primer 3rd Edition

36. Simple Principles for Interpreting E.G White

37. Was E.G. White A Plagiarist?



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