1. What Does The Bible Say About Fasting? – R. Publishing

2. The Bible and Spiritual Gifts – R. Publishing

3. Psalms in God’s Presence – R. Publishing


1. The Islamic Invasion -by Dr.R. Morey 

2. Summary Pamphlet on Islamic Invasion

3. WHO IS ALLAH? – S.Parker

4. Islam and Christianity – R.Publishing


1. Answers To Islam – Compilation Video Series

2. 6 Deadly Questions by Islam – Questions Muslims Ask Christians

3. Which is the Word of God The Bible or The Qu’ran?

4. What is The Quran’s view of the Holy Scriptures

5. Reaching Muslims Through Jesus – Q & A

6. Jesus and The Christian Response to Islam – Ph.D N.Qureshi

7. The Holy Qur’an Converted Me To Christianity


SECTION B. (The Shepherd ROD’S)

1. History of The Shepherd Rod’s

2. The False Doctrines of The Shepherd Rod’s

3. The Shepherd’s Rod New Prophet

4. The Shepherd’s Rod and The Branch Davidians of Waco, Texas

5. Lessons From The Past 



1. Summary of 7 Contradictions of The Book of Mormon and The Holy Bible

2. CHART: The Postmodern Mind

3. Why I Disagree with all 5 points of Calvinism – by Curtis Hutson

4. Popular Beliefs Are They Biblical? – S.Bacchiocchi

The Truth Seeker Files

1. Charles Russell and The Jehovah Witnesses

2. Davinci Code Exposed

3. Deception on Scientology

4. Deception on Movie Angels and Demons

5. Free Masonry Fraternity and The Occult

6. Free Masonry and the Greek Fraternities

7. Free Masonry Exposed

8. Hollywood Movies and  Symbolism

9. The Apocrypha

10. The History of The Free Masons

11. The Music Industry

12. The Vatican and Jesuit link to the New World Order (Part 1)

13. The Vatican and Jesuit link to the New World Order (Part 2)


Roger Morneau 

1. Brief Biography on Roger Morneau

Section A

1. Halloween (Part 1)

2. Halloween (Part 2)

3. The Halloween Goddess

4. What Witches do after Halloween

5. Christmas-Easter-Halloween where did they come from? – by Vance Ferrell



1. Answers to My Jehovah Witness Friends – by Thomas Heinze

2. Are The Jehovah Witness Christian – by ED Decker

3. God’s Channel of Truth is it The Watchtower – by E.B Price

4. Jehovah’s Witnesses Part I – by Maurice Barnett

5. Our Friends The Jehovah Witnesses – E.B Price

6. Christianity vs. Jehovah Watchtower Chart – by Rose Publishing

7. The Jehovah Witnesses and The Watchtower Society – by Gord Vanderburgt


SECTION C {Witnessing to Freemasons}


(1) An open letter to a Christian Mason

(2) Can A Christian Be a Mason?

(3) Fatherhood of God Brother hood of Man

(4) Following Jesus as You Witness to A Mason

(5) Leading a Christian out of the Lodge

(6) Masonry Teaches Salvation without Jesus 

(7) Should Christians be members of Secret Societies? {Ellen White Comments}

(8) The myth of The Christian Lodge

(9) Which Gospel Do You Embrace of Lodge Night?


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