New Age-Occultism-Satanism

Videos [**also in APWIN-TUBE TAB]

1.Hollywood – Insider- EXPOSES ALL (Cults_Clones_Mind Control & MORE)

2.Hollywood Mind Control, Disney Magic – Illuminati Celebrities- Wash Your Brain, MK Ultra Programming 


1. Prepare for War – Dr.Rebecca Brown

2. He Came To Set The Captives Free – Dr. Rebecca Brown

3. What The Bible Says About Angels and Demons – B.Newman

4. A Trip Into Supernatural – by Roger Morneau

5. 7 Points to Destroy A Church [Excerpt Dr. Rebecca Brown]


1. Article on Roger Morneau

2. A Harrowing Brush With Darkness – Interview with Roger Morneau

3. Excerpt from the book A Trip Into The Supernatural

4. Psychic Roulette – by George Vandeman

5. Battling Witchcraft and The Occult by Win Worley

6. Eighteen New Age Lies and The Cult of Eckankur by Robert Pye

7. Hidden Dangers of Harry Potter by Steve Wholberg

8. Hour of The Witch-Harry Potter-Wicca-Witchcraft and The Bible by Steve Wholberg

9. Influences of Eastern Mysticism

10. Lucifer Rising – by Phillip Jones

11. Occult Theocracy

12. Occult Symbolism (Parts 1 to 16)

13. Ouija Board

14. Connection of Freemasonry to Witchcraft (part 1)

15. Connection of Freemasonry to Witchcraft (part 2)

16. Twilight-Harry Potter- Wican Revival by Good Fight Ministries

17. Witchcraft and Wicca

18. UnHoly Alliances – by James Wardner

19. Unholy Spirits Occultism and New Age Humanism by Gary North

20. The New Age and The Illuminati – by William J. Sutton

21. Pulling Back The Curtains The Truth Behind Greek Fraternties – by Dr. Deitrick Blue

22. Yoga Is Dangerous – by Pilgrim’s Rest

23. The Latest Witchcraft Craze – Pilgrim’s Rest [Article]

24. The Secret Teachings of All Ages (Reader’s Edition) by Manly P. Hall





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