Section I

1. 3 Books Used in The Judgment

2. Biblical Typology in the book of Revelation

3. Characteristics of The First Church

4. Fulfilled Prophecies of The Messiah

5. God’s Law = God’s Character

6. Hebrew Names For God

7. Names and Titles of Jesus in Alphabetical Order

8. Ten Commandments on Prayer

9. Old Testament usage in the book of Revelation

10. Facing The Judgment with confidence – by Pastor Lonnie Melashanko

11. Daily Priestly Service in the Book of Revelation

12. Knowing God’s Will For My Life – Humberto M. Rasi

13. Summary of the 7 Churches in the Book of Revelation – by Pastor Christopher Thompson

14. Map of The Book of Genesis – [E-Chart]

15. Baptism [E-Chart]

16. 12 Disciples [E-Chart]

17. Brief Summary of Differences between Holy Bible and Qu’ran -[R.Publishing]

Section 2

Vigilante’s Articles on The Music Industry and Hollywood (Section A and Section B)

Section A (1).Beyonce to Sasha Fierce, (2.) Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams, (3). Carter’s Plans for the Future, (4). Heath Ledgers Last Movie full of Occult Symbolism, (5). How Hollywood Spreads dis-information about secret societies, (6). Jay-Z Occult Symbolism in Video ‘Run This Town’ , (7). Kerli Creepy Video on Mind Control, (8) Lady Gaga The Illuminati Puppet (pt1), (9). The Illuminati Puppet (pt.2), (10). Lil Wayne “On Fire” Occult Initiation, (11). The Occult Meaning behind the Memorial Death of Princess Diana

Section B (1). Occult Symbolism in Rhianna “Umbrella” (2). Occult Symbolism in Rhianna (Part 2), 3. Occult Symbolism in Saturn Worship, (4). Occult Symbolism in Corporate Logos,  (5). Pyramid and All Seeing Eye their Occult Meaning and use in Corporate Logos (6). Rhianna’s Russian Roulette or What Is Wrong with the Music Industry (7). The 2009 MTV VMA Masonic Industry (8). The Esoteric  Interpretation of Pinocchio, (9). The Esoteric Interpretation of Black Eye Peas, (10) Transformers and New World Order 2 and Occult Symbolism

Section C

(1) Grammy Awards 2017

(2) Mischa Barton Psychiatric Evaluation

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