1. Pastor Andrea Trusty King – The Power of One

2. Dr. Charles Wesley Knight – Be Prepared

3. Dr. Charles Wesley Knight – I’m Still Here

4. Dr. Charles Wesley Knight –  It’s Time To Live

5. Pastor A. Keith Morris – It’s Time To Move Forward

6. Pastor A. Keith Morris – Midnight Counteractions

7. Pastor Eric Walsh – Refuse To Be Denied

8. Pastor Henry Wright – A Problem With The Crop

9. Pastor Henry Wright – Egypt and Worship

10. Pastor Henry Wright – God’s Spirit

11. Pastor Henry Wright – I Have Proof (Evangelism Council Challenge Sermon)

12. Pastor James Doggette – Broken Vessels

13. Pastor James Doggette – It Ain’t Fair (What Not To Do When In Trouble)

14. Pastor James Doggette – John and The Isle of Patmos

15. Pastor James Doggette – True Worship

16. Pastor Myron Edmonds – Spit on Me

17. Pastor Myron Edmonds – Temple Mentality

18. Pastor Myron Edmonds – Will God Miss You

19. Pastor Paul Graham – Get Right For The Flight

20. Pastor Paul Graham – How To Live A Devotional Life

21. Pastor Ron Halverson Snr – Jesus Christ The Mighty Prayer Warrior

22. Pastor Ron Halverson Snr – A Snapshot of Jesus The Unique Son of God (Evangelism Council Hour of Power)

23. Pastor Walter Pearson – To See His Face

24. Minister Ronnie Vanderhorst – Whores For Sale

25. Pastor Randy Skeete – Good God, Bad Name

26. Pastor Eric Walsh – “ALL” 

27. Pastor John Nixon – If God Is A Baby (Evangelism Council) 

28. Pastor Shea Crockett – Don’t Doubt My God 

29. Dr. Charles Wesley Knight – Buried Alive 

30. Dr. Leslie Pollard – What The Blind Man Could See (Evangelism Council)

31. Bishop T.D Jakes – Can You Hear Me Now

32. Bishop T.D Jakes – The Mystery of The Red Heiffer

33. Pastor Timothy Nixon – The Greatest Generation

34. Marvin Moore – Living Without An Intercessor

34. Pastor Myron Edmonds – The Antidote for Control Freaks

35. Pastor David Asscherick – That They Might Know Him (Friend of God)

36. CD Brooks – Growing In Christ

37. Charles Bradford – I Wish I Had A Praying Church

38. Evangelist Calvin Watkins – Four Things God Cannot Do

39. Pastor Henry Wright – “Starving” [Video Sermon]

40. Pastor Christopher Thompson – Reaching The Hip-Hop Generation [Video]

41. Dr. John Trusty – You Need A Balanced Mind

42. Evangelist Calvin Watkins – Low Down Dirty Dog [Sermon Video]

43. Dr. James Doggette Snr – Are you willing to be a Micah?

44. Dr. James Doggette Snr – Man Up (Sermon Video)

45. Dr. James Doggette Snr – Why Jesus?

46. E.E Cleveland – That Other Thief [Sermon Video]

47. Pastor John Nixon Snr – He Must Increase [Sermon Video]

48. Pastor Michael Kelly – The Compromises of Pharaoh [Video Sermon]

49. Pastor Kenneth Cox – The Blessing of The Covenants [Evangelism Council]

50. Evangelist Eugene Benjamin – Heaven At Last [Video Sermon]

51. David Asscherick – The Resurrection Fact or Ficiton [Video Sermon]

52. Pastor Henry Wright – “Go Ye Therefore….” [Video Sermon]

53. Pastor Jonathon Johnson – Reborn Identity [Video Sermon]

54. Elder Orville Thomas – “Adam Where Art Thou….” [Video Sermon]

55. Pastor Mark McCleary – God Requires A Response!



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